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Tools You Will Need

We try and keep our tooling requirements to a bare minimum so that they work across Mac, Linux and Windows machines. That said, if you have a Windows machine, we strongly recommend getting some virtualization software like Vbox, or setting up a dual boot with a Linux system (preferably Ubuntu), in order to get the most out of the currently available developer tools, as most of these are aimed an unix systems.

Definite Requirements

  • Truffle ^4.0.4 (a javascript framework for developing smart contracts tied together intuitively with awesome frontends, over 250 000 downloads to date!)
  • Ganache ^1.0.2 (a local, simulated blockchain that you can test against quickly with a great UI)
  • status-dev-cli ^3.2.9 (a command line tool for building mobile-first DApps with Status)
  • It’s a great idea to familiarize yourself with Remix, an awesome browser-based IDE for developing, testing, and debugging smart contracts easily.
  • We recommend VS Code as a text editor, with Material Icon Theme (Philipp Kief, ^3.2.1) and Solidity (Juan Blanco, ^0.0.31) Extensions.
  • You can get the alpha versions of the Status app for Android here (make sure to click that link with your phone directly). You can apply to be added to the TestFlight list if you have an iOS device here (please just put “hackathon” in the’Why Do You Care About Status’ section).
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Unlock the Block?

Linum Labs is running a large scale Blockchain Hackathon in association with the African Institute of Financial Markets and Risk Management (AIFMRM) and UCT in Cape Town, January 2018.

This 10-day Hackathon, named ‘Unlock The Block’, is comprised of a 5 day all-inclusive and intensive Blockchain and FinTech Bootcamp, a weekend of networking and socializing, 72 hours of Hackathon and a full day blockchain symposium event. On completion of the Hackathon, the prototype that you create will be judged on the last day of the event, followed by the awards ceremony on 1 February 2018 where you will present your prototype. Winners receive cash prizes for being placed first or second.
You will have access to world-class mentors and you will be working on use cases provided by thought leaders and businesses within South Africa – building ideas that matter.
Unlock The Block begins on 22 January 2018 and ends on 1 February 2018

How can I apply?

It’s as easy as one, two three.

Start the application via the application link provided.

Complete all of the required fields (teams and individuals).

Submit your completed application & complete the practical assessment.

Please note that applications for Unlock The Block are now closed for January 2018, however, the same application method will apply to any future hackathon events we may host.

Who can participate?

The Hackathon is open to teams of individuals who are at least eighteen years old. Participants are required to apply in teams of 2 to 5 individuals. Applications with less than 2 will be paired up with other individuals to create a team of 3. Applications of more than 5 members will not be considered. Participants are not required to be of South African nationality but are required to have a valid identification document or passport. To participate, you must attend the full hackathon event at the location designated during the time frame of the 22 January 2018 to 1 February 2018.

What about hardware?

We strongly recommended bringing a Mac or Linux machine. While dev on Windows can be done, it is often significantly harder or error prone. Please consider using virtualization software like VBox, Docker or Vagrant if you have a Windows machine.

What expenses are covered?

Travel within South Africa and accommodation for the duration of the event. Some meals are also covered, though please be sure to check this with the event organisers.

What will the training include?

Participants will receive:
2 days of hands-on FinTech training and instruction.
3 days of all inclusive and intensive Blockchain training.
10 days of access to top-level industry experts, instructors and mentors.

Can I start working in hack before event starts?

No, you cannot. The hackathon lasts 3 days and only code worked on during that time may be submitted.

Where is it?

Unlock The Block will be hosted at Rise Cape Town, located in Block B, 5th Floor, (Woodstock Exchange), 66 – 68 Albert Road, Woodstock, Cape Town.

How can I prepare?

All resources have been provided in the UnlockTheBlock slack group.

Please read through the above tools section carefully to see what you will need to have installed before arriving.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon (also known as a hack day, hackfest or codefest) is a gathering where programmers collaboratively code in an extreme manner over a short period of time. The roots of hackathons are with open source software projects.

Linum Labs and AIFMRM are hosting a hackathon focusing on the development of ideas/prototypes/applications relating to blockchain technology to solve business problems, particularly within the FinTech sector.

What is the symposium?

The Blockchain Symposium is comprised of:

Half day symposium/conference centred around blockchain technology in Cape Town
12pm to 6pm on 1 February 2017
Presentations by industry experts and leaders
Tickets for R400, students get in free
Includes the after party price

Do I need to know how to code?

Although you do not need to have previous coding experience, it is definitely beneficial to have experience in JavaScript, Python or C++.

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What to expect from a trip to cape town?

Get excited to be a part of this incredible opportunity happening in the beautiful city of Cape Town, in summer. You will have the opportunity to network, meet other community members and become a tourist in the city. The weekend is your time to chill and get socializing.

Competition details and rules

For more information on the competition specifics, prizes and rules, you can view the terms and conditions here.

Please check these regularly as they may be subject to change.

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