About AIFMRM & Linum Labs

Unlock the Block is a Blockchain Hackathon taking place in Cape Town South Africa

over a 10 day period starting 22 January 2018.

Why Are We Doing This?

Unlock The Block is a blockchain event for participants to foster innovation by building something of value while working on real-world use cases. Linum Labs and the African Institute of Financial Markets and Risk Management at the University of Cape Town, believe in creating an opportunity that enables participants to:

  • Develop and enhance their skills
  • Express their creativity
  • Have access to world class mentors, resources, extensive training and support
  • Be part of an opportunity to learn about new technologies
  • Meet new people and have networking opportunities
  • Guide the positive development of the blockchain community

What Do We Believe In?

Linum Labs and AIFMRM, have a created a partnership built on a passion to share knowledge with those who have an interest in blockchain and Ethereum and to foster a viable and sustainable community capable of shaping new technologies like blockchain into networks that really will change the future for positive benefit of everyone. We believe in developing and unleashing the full potential of blockchain technology. Being the change we want to see in the world and not just talking about it – doing it.

Building a decentralized future.

AIFMRM develops the minds that shape the financial industry to advance society.

AIFMRM focusses on Risk Management and Quantitative Finance. AIFMRM is part of the Faculty of Commerce at the University of Cape Town where it conducts research and delivers postgraduate education and training. The Institute was launched in January 2014 and is funded by corporate partners in the banking and insurance sectors.

The Institute aims to:

Build capacity and deepen skills and capabilities in the financial industry;
Diversify the body of financial practitioners and open the fields of risk management and quantitative finance to people from a range of backgrounds;
Drive research, shape discussion and promote enquiry;
Advance scholarship and develop the next generation of African academics dedicated to rigorous, industry-specific research;
Develop and deliver postgraduate programmes that are relevant, intensive and effective.


At Linum Labs our thesis is therefore simple:

We can further enormously the network effects of decentralized technologies like Ethereum and Bitcoin through building and educating a diverse community capable of co-creating value and making it accessible to anyone who chooses to take part.

In a practical sense, this means engaging with any and all who are interested – from formal, four day corporate and executive training with large corporate clients, to organising hackathons for universities and enterprises, and hosting meetups and panel discussions in Cape Town and Johannesburg .

We actively seek to draw in as a wide a range of participants to all our events as a means of ensuring everyone has the opportunity to learn and imagine together better ways of organising and communicating that which is valuable to the blockchain community and its benefactors.

We have begun an amazing journey into the future of value, and we invite you to join us.


Competition details and rules

For more information on the competition specifics, prizes and rules, you can view the terms and conditions here.

Please check these regularly as they may be subject to change.

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